What is Soba Doodles?

Soba Doodles’ Ink Blot Imp

Soba Doodles is a Collaboration Collection of Web Comics Artwork, and Stories of various genres from Humor/Parody to Fantasy/Sci-Fi and much more.

Soba Doodles Ink Blot Dragon





It’s kinda like a bowl of soba noodles with a mix of several different veggies and ingredients, but with collection of doodles of various styles. It’s a fun variety of Art and Stories.






Artists and Contributors:

  • MastaNobu, aka Ryo: Founder/Site Developer of Soba Doodles; Writer/Illustrator of Sticks and Stones


  • anbumsw: Co-Founder and Graphic Artist of Soba Doodles; Creator/Illustrator/Writer of RealmLocke Legends and RealmLocke Designs