RealmLocke Legends Commissions Open!


Commissions are now open. Just Head over to this page here for more information.

Before you commission, here’s a little about me:

  • I work mainly with anthro/furry, anime/manga, and fantasy style art
  • My main methods for drawing are:
    • Sketchbook, pencil, and pen
    • Art Flow Studio on Android for outlining and line art
    • Photoshop Elements 18 for Coloring, Shading, and Effects
  • Please keep any background requests simple
    • NO complex backgrounds like cities, crowds, castles, etc
    • Let’s stick to simple backgrounds like gradients or blurred landscape (few trees or building shapes, no heavy amounts of details)
  • What I will Draw:
    • Furry/Anthro Characters
    • Anime/Manga Characters
    • Fan Art
    • Fantasy
    • If you need more examples check out my online galleries, I’m sure I have something there you’ll like
  • What I will NOT Draw:
    •  Nudity
    • Gore/Blood
    • Rude Content
    • Hateful Content
    • Sexually Explicit
    • I have the right to DENY ANY commission if I am uncomfortable with the request
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