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About Commissions
1. First Come, First Serve
2. PayPal Only; Pricing set to USD
3. Pay 70% up front, and the rest upon completion


    1. Line Art/Sketch = $10
      1. includes shading 
      2. black and white only
      3. Includes Busts and Full Body Drawings

    2. Digital Coloring = $15
      1. color and shading
      2. Includes Busts and Full Body Drawings

  • Avatars and Fursonas
    1. same pricing
    2. Line Art Only with shading = $10
    3. Digital Coloring = $15

If you request a physical copy like a print or button, I’ll send you a quote on the price.

NOTE: Most drawings take me a week or more to finish (that’s for sketching, outlining/inking, coloring/shading, and editing) 

**Please read what I will and will not draw before commissioning.**

What I will Draw

  1. Fan Art
    1. if it’s artwork that belongs to another artist on another site like Deviantart, Instagram, Furaffinity, ETC, please get permission from that artist first, and have them email me or note me on deviantart

  2. Furries
    1. Anthro
    2. Feral
    3. Chibi

  3. Anime/Manga Style

  4. Fantasy/SciFi

  5. Look at anything in my galleries for more examples. I’m sure I have some style of art you’d like there =D

What I will NOT Draw

  1. Nudity

  2. Gore/Blood

  3. Rude Content

  4. Hateful Content

  5. Sexually Explicit

  6. I have the right to DENY ANY commission if I am uncomfortable with the request 

Submit a Request

    1. Email me at
      Note me on
      Fill out the Commission form on

    2. In the message enter:
      1. Your email (so I can send you proofs and paypal transaction)

      2. IF you have a Deviantart or Art site, leave you user name so I can link you in the finished commission on my webpages (ONLY if you don’t mind if I post it)

      3. What kind of pic you want (Line Art, Digital Color, Avatar, etc)

      4. Give me details or a description on what you’d like 
        1. No more than 5 characters for a commission please
        2. Keep backgrounds simple (no cityscapes, crowds, or anything too elaborate)
        3. ***IF your commission is Fan Art of another artist’s character, please get permission from them first, and have them email or note me on Devianart with their permission***

      5. Let me know if there’s any reference sheets
  • Allowed ONLY 5 references
  1. I’ll message you whether I accept or not
    1. Please note, I typically respond within 1-3 days
    2. Also note, I have the right to DENY any requests if I’m uncomfortable with it

Commission Payment and Progress Updates

  1. A paypal transaction form will be emailed to you 
  2. I request 70% of the payment up front before starting and the rest upon completion
  3. Proofs or progress updates will be emailed upon request (will contain watermarks)
    1. These include sketches or color/shading updates
    2. Let me know if you’d like any changes
  4. Upon completion a proof version will be sent with a watermark
  5. Completed copy will be emailed upon receiving the rest of the payment

Terms of Use

Upon receiving full payment, the picture is yours to use. All I request is, if you plan to post it anywhere, leave a referral or link back to my art gallery or webpage (instagram, deviantart, or any of my art sites). I’ll post the final copy on my art sites with reference to your username as well (instagram, deviantart, facebook, etc). These terms do not count towards any sketches or proofs with watermarks.

Returns and Cancellations

I do accept returns on Physical copies (if requested). The Buyer is responsible for shipping the item back and for the condition of the item. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value. 

You will be refunded on the shipped prints or buttons, but not on any sketches or proofs made for the commission or the shipping fee.

No returns accepted on Digital.

You may cancel your commission at any time, but any sketches or proofs made will not be refunded. Also, all proofs made by the artist are not allowed to be used for tracing or submissions to other artists’ commissions.

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