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Hello everyone and welcome to the Soba Doodles, a Collaboration Collection of Artwork, Web Comics, and Stories!


We’re like the fun of a bowl of soba noodles with a mix of several different veggies and ingredients, but with collection of doodles of various styles. It’s a fun variety of Art and Stories!RedInkBlot

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Sticks and Stones

You like RPGs? MMOs? Epic quests that forge legends and heroes clashing with beasts and monsters all in search for an amazing treasure…or is amazing…YA! Freaking AMAZING? Well, its kinda like that but better, and with Stick men (EPIC EXPLOSION SOUND)!

Sticks and Stones: An MMORPG Story is a parody web comic by MastaNobu of all the fun and awesomeness of RPGs and MMOs with of slapstick and comedy for good measure! 


RealmLocke Legends

A Realm of Realms locked together, home to mystical and mythical creatures, heroes and villains. All sorts of beings call these realms home from the cunning, illusion masters, the Foxthra (Fox-Humanoids/Kitsune), to the decedents of the ancient immortal Dragons, the Dregons (Dragon-Humaniods). Many legends are born here, await for their stories to be unlocked.

Welcome to RealmLocke, a collection of series and artwork by anbumsw. Check out awesome fantasy stories bits and character art from the main series, or check out some of anbumsw’s artwork, drawing and photoshop tips and tricks, and other fun, geeky posts. 


Total GamerZ

Total Gamers was the first iteration of Soba Doodles, founded by MastaNobu (Ryo). Along with his friends Dive, NecroJon, and AgentSith they created a series of webcomics and reviews. The TotalGamerZ comics were written by Ryo and NecroJon and illustrated by NecroJon. The Game On series was written and illustrated by Dive. These comics will be archived on this site and the original website. Be sure to check them out.

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