About RealmLocke

What is RealmLocke?

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RealmLocke is a Realm of Realms locked together. It’s a universe centered in Mythology; a collection of mystical and mythical realms. All sorts of beings call this home from the cunning, illusion masters, the Foxthra (Fox-Humanoids/Kitsune), to the decedents of the ancient Dragons, the Dregons (Dragon-Humaniods). This Realm of Realms holds many legends awaiting to be unlocked.

What is RealmLocke Designs?

Where the Legend portion of RealmLocke is made up of its Stories, the Design is the collection of its Art and Character Concepts.

About the Artist/Writer


Name is anbumsw, but you can call me Mike. I’m a self taught artist with a background in IT. I draw a lot of my inspiration from Japanese style artwork and mythology. My Favorite art styles are: Anthro/Furry, Anime/Manga, Fan Art, and Fantasy Art.

Some things to know about me:

  • Japanese Style Art and Folklore/Mythology are my biggest inspiration for drawing
  • Big Video Game Fan! Love Monster Hunter and Ookami
  • Dry Sense of Humor (Oatmeal and Far Side are my JAM!)
  • Love to write and read (mainly fiction)
  • Favorite animal is the Fox. Dragons are a close second
  • Anime/Cartoon Fan. Thanks DBZ for getting me hooked!

You can checkout some of Artwork Here:

If you’d like to check out my other blog, click here.