Static Charge…FAIL! My Old Comic

So, I thought it be fun to look back at one of my first comics, and this one was pretty funny. It is a Tom and Jerry like comic about Zane and his girlfriend Ella.

I wanna point this out, I oddly designed this to read like a typical manga (which is read right to left). No other comic I made after had this format. It was an odd design choice, and it still cracks me up today.

static Charge...Fail_FlashBackFriday

The story of this comic is pretty simple. This wolf, Zane, loves to prank his Fox girlfriend, Ella, but he typically fails at doing so for some reason or another. This prank came about from him bored and shuffling along the carpet in his living room. He notices he’s building up static, and see his girlfriend is not even paying attention to him. Wouldn’t it be funny to see her fur stand up, all fluffed out? He thought. Zane shuffles towards her chuckling, reaching out to shock her, but his plan backfires. Ella took a step forward, leaving nowhere for his hand to go, but to the floor lamp she was standing next to. She turns to see Zane, light up with sparks. Surprised to at first see her boyfriend look like a neon sign, she starts laughing when she notices he’s fine. His fur is frizzed out and smoking, but everything is okay (other than his ego that is).

Comic by anbumsw

Characters, Artwork, and Story by anbumsw

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