Suzuki and Her Sister Kikiko

Suzuki (LEFT) and Kikiko (RIGHT)

This cute little ocelot next to this irritated fennec, is Suzuki’s adopted little sister, Kikiko (or Kiki for short).


Kiki is an ocelot who’s always joyful and extremely friendly, and loves music and making friends.¬† She has no memory of her past or who her real parents were. Her only memento is collection of enchanted bells called, “Harmony Bells,” she wears everywhere.

Kiki claims the bells ring a beautiful melody, though no one hears them. However, sound is not what Kiki is referring to.

She’s an unique Empath. Like most Empaths, she senses the emotions of everyone and anything, mainly through physical or mental contact. However, she has one strange ability. She can emit or project her emotions, effecting the world around her. For example, anger and stress causes misfortune (bad luck like storms and accidents).

The bells are emitting emotional vibes, which wards off malice and misfortune. It also helps her balance her emotions. Without the bells, her emotions run wild, summoning various misfortune events.


Kiki loves spending time with her Sissy Sue (Suzuki), even when she irritates her big sister when she wants alone time (especially when in the middle of a good book or sulking). Kiki is a bit childish and persistent, pestering her Suzuki by cheering, “Sissy Sue Supa Sister Fun Time,”or what Suzuki calls these moments as, “Suzi Pester Hour.” Despite how annoyed Suzuki gets, she can’t stay mad at her little sister. She knows her sister just wants to see others happy, and she only does this when she senses someone is stressed or upset. She glad to have a little sister that cares about her thoughts, and Suzuki would do the same to keep happy and safe.



Kikiko and Suzuki created by me, anbumsw

Story, Characters, and Artwork also by me

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