Com: City of Ishgard

A friend on instagram commissioned this drawing. It’s the city of Ishgard from FFXIV.

For this commission, I focused on creating a rustic, battle scarred looking keep. Ishgard is known for dragon attacks, so it needed to look the part (rusting and charred). While coloring, I used multiple layers on Photoshop to create a soot/charred and rust covered look. For fun, I also added a dragon soaring nearby, as if its looking to start a fight with the city and its defenders.

Also, I ended up making to versions of this drawing: a less battle scarred one and a rustic one.

A less battle scarred version
Charred and Rusted

Overall, I love both versions, and I had a blast designing and coloring these drawings.


Ishgard belongs to Final Fantasy 14 and Square Enix

FanArt by me, anbumsw


If you’re interested in commissioing me, head on over to my DeviantArt or check out my Commission tab at the top of the page.

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