Sticks and Stones Remastered

Today, I am announcing that Sticks and Stones is getting a long deserved remaster. Well… maybe its more of giving it a digital ink makeover. Regardless, I am showing off my (not so) improved drawing skills in the digital age.

Let’s take a look at the old pen and paper shall we?

That was an unforgettable fight scene with a Jellopi. How could anyone improve this you ask? Well… Let’s take a sneak peak at the new hotness…

Ah, such refreshment. Clean lines and look at that hair! You may not have noticed, but there are flies in the World of Lobos now. 

To recap, we have graphical enhancements AND an insect add-on. What else could you ask for? How about the completion of the first story? Sure. Why not. Maybe there will even be an expansion pack or a new story.

Stay tuned to find out…

Welcome to the World of Lobos
Sticks and Stones: An MMORPG Story

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