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The remaster of Sticks and Stones: An MMORPG Story has begun. A title page for the story has been published as well as the character introduction.

Sticks and Stones was originally created while I worked at one of my old jobs. It wasn’t a particularly important job. If fact, it was a boring data entry job filling in loan applications and listening to supervisors let their job title go to their heads.

Needless to say, I had to find a way to pass the time. At the time I worked with Necrojon and he helped me with TotalGamerZ.com. He helped me come up with ideas for Sticks and Stones along with drawing the many other comics on the old website. The Sticks and Stones comic was originally released and ended in 2005.

The main idea of Sticks and Stones was a simple one. What did I have and endless supply of in an office? Lots of paper and ink pens. I drew these between entering loan applications and brought them home to scan. A lot of the ideas for the comic came from my experiences in WoW (vanilla), Runescape, and Ragnarok Online. All very old MMOs at this point.

Today, Sticks and Stones has entered the digital age. The comic is now drawn on a tablet with a digital pen. It’s still a simple comic, but with a little added extras here and there. I’m even updating the gear to be a little more modern. The goal is to finish the MMORPG story since it never had and official ending.

Shopping in Cathedral City
Sticks and Stones Remastered

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