A Lovely Night

This is a young vampire/fruit bat is named Morgan. She’s a Real Fan of the Night, especially Halloween Nights.

On Halloween, She invites guests to her luxurious mansion for a night of all hallows eve celebration. The manor is a flickering jack o lantern. The smell of pumpkin spice wine wafts in the air. The night sky is alive with the melodies of autumn.  “Such a Lovely Night, Wouldn’t You Agree?”



I designed Morgan to look more bat-like, over traditional vampire. So, she has long ears, claw-like feet, and bat wings that she likes to drape over her shoulders like a small cape. I thought this would be a fun spin on the classic vampire.

Artwork, Character, and Story by me, anbumsw

You can see the original post on my DeviantArt, anbumsw

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