Mythics&Bizzare Halloween Remake

Years back on my DeviantArt, I created a little series about an enchanted shopping complex that sold mystical and bizzare items that caused random effects (mainly transformations). It was called Mythics&Bizzare, and the characters in these two pics were just a few of the cast members.

M&B Halloween Original staring (LEFT to RIGHT): Annabel, Caroline, and Angel

The original pic here was posted on DeviantArt, anbumsw. It originally had Annabel the Cowgirl, Caroline the Fox, and Angel the Leopard dressed in costumes, showing off the various items available on Halloween at M&B. Annabel and Caroline have been long time cast members, but Angel was new. She hasn’t been in any other pic for a while, so I thought it was time to revisit this pic and add someone else. Someone who has been a long time member of the series as well.

M&B Halloween Remake staring (LEFT to RIGHT): Annabel, Caroline, and Evanna

Thus we have the new cast here, with Evanna the Tigrent standing in for Angel. I figured she stands out more than Angel, and she fits the theme of the pic (Centaur, Humaniod, and Naga).

Each character is showing off a different style of costume:

1. Caroline is weraring her favorite Masquerade Dress (Classically Classic; her favorite type of fashion)
2. Annabel is wearing a Rancher Outfit, Cowtaur style (for those long days in the pasture)

3. Evanna the Tigrent (tiger snake) is wearing a Fantasy Fairy Costume (Magically Cute)


For this remake, I wanted to update the line work and design. Overall, I really love how it turned out, especially with Caroline’s model. She looks more natural and less cartoonish as she was in the first pic. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like my original drawing. In fact, I like both versions, and I’m planning to come back to this and color it.

ALL Characters, Artwork, and Story by me, anbumsw


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