Cherry Blossom Breeze

A while back, I decided to redraw my site’s banner character, Sakura the Cherry Blossom Kitsune, and here’s what I came up with.

LEFT: “NEW” Cherry Blossom Breeze       RIGHT: “OLD” Sakura in Spring

The newer version has more details and new designs in the dress and fan. The colors are lighter in the newer one for a springlike like look. I really wanted this new version to look similar to her previous version, but with my current art style. Honestly, I love both designs. Which one do you like best? Along with the redraw, I also worked on her back story. Check it out!

Sakura the Kitsune’s Backstory: Cherry Blossom Breeze


Cherry Blossom Breeze by anbumsw

A beautiful Kitsune named Sakura, dancing about a field of Cherry Blossoms. She’s a friendly spirit that tends to forests of her homeland. The Cherry Blossom forests provide harmony to her homeland, giving its travelers a place of peace and calm. One of Sakura’s duties is to keep the forest purified to preserve its harmony. Her dance cleanses the wilds, protecting them from a dark infestation; a disease of malice and hatred. If this is left unchecked or purified, this disease will consume everything, leaving nothing but death and decay. Luckily, Sakura has had many years of practice warding off this evil, and she always has her sisters nearby to help as well. Travelers of the realm say that meeting this Kitsune is a sign of good fortune, for she blesses your journey. To receive her blessing, all one must do is bow in respect and offer a token of tribute. Nothing flashy like gold or trinkets. Food or Flowers work best with her. If she presents a cherry blossom, this is her token of her blessing; a good luck charm. This will ward off bad luck and evil on the journey ahead. **** Cherry Blossom Breeze was originally my instagram and my deviantart Character, Story, and Artwork by me, anbumsw

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