Bowsette: Koopa Queen and Broadway Mean

So, over the weekend, I took a shot at drawing Bowsette. What I came up with is two different versions lol

LEFT: Koopa Queen Bowsette                    RIGHT: Broadway Bowline


Koopa Queen Bowsette


This version of Bowsette, I decided to make her have more of Bowser’s design. She has the red hair mixed with blonde, red brows, claw like feet, and even has a similar color design. For her overall design, the dress is similar to Peach’s, but with more of Bowser’s chokers and cuffs. Also the feet are suppose to be like high heels, but with claws. The thumb claw acts as the heel when she walks or stands.

The original concept sketch had her sitting on a lounge chair, but I figured an evil dragon throne was better suited to her style. Her colors are faded for a princess like look, but are still similar to the Koopa King.

You can see my original sketches on Instagram


Broadway Bowline


This was a completely different take all together on the Bowsette character. She’s no longer a double of Peach, but a double of Pauline from New Donk City. This all thanks to a new ability the crown on Bowsette has (all made up lol).

So, Bowsette finds out that the crown has similar properties to that pesky Cappy on Mario’s head. However, instead of possessing people or creatures, the crown mimics other hats and accessories. This transforms the wearer into whoever wore the copied item. In this case, Bowsette tried the new ability on Pauline’s hat. Now, Bowsette has transformed into Bowline, a Broadway singer determined to out stage Pauline and over take New Donk City with her Koopa Krew Band.

For this one, I decided to make Bowline look similar to Pauline, while still looking similar to Bowsette.

You can see the original sketch on Instagram 


Both drawings were a lot of fun to design, especially with Bowline with designing the band and stage. Lol, IDK if I plan to make any more pics of these characters. We will just have to wait and see.

Both pics are posted on my DeviantArt

Bowser, Peach, Pauline, Koopa, Boo, and Shyguy belong to Nintendo

FanArt by me, anbumsw

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