Halloween Roses: Caroline’s New Costume WIP

A costume design for my OC Caroline, inspired by Day of the Dead skeleton makeup.



Caroline is a very classy character, who loves dressing up in fancy or elegant outfits and costumes. So, it’s only natural that her costume fits her personality. This festive painted skeleton costume she calls Halloween Roses was the perfect fit. It’s a lovely dress with a Matador style hat, draped with a spider web veil, and decorated with several roses.


Now the coloring for this outfit isn’t quite done. In fact, I’m not even sure the colors I picked will be the final colors. I was just playing around with my Cameleon Markers, trying to see what sticks. If I come back to this pic, I will clean up the colors and shading. For now, this is just a fun little pic for the month of Halloween.

Character, Artwork, and Story by me, anbumsw


For more pics and stories about my OC Caroline, head over to my Deviantart or Instagram

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