Royal Rumble in the Ring

An awesome Smash Bros drawing by me. Features Bowser vs King K Rool


With one of the newest Smash character to appear being King K Rool, I drew up this awesome drawing of him going head to head with Bowser. My thoughts were, what would happen if these two villains met face to face? They’d probably try to one-up each other. They’d might arguing, calling each other out until…the guantlet is thrown.

It’s King v King! Two legendary Final Bosses! Rulers of the Underlings and Commanders of Chaos! The Koopa King vs the King of Kremlings! King Bowser vs King K Rool, duking it out for title of supreme BIG BAD, plus bragging rights!

The staduim is full of their minions, cheering for there bosses on to victory! Even the two’s rivals showed up to watch the fight, in hopes that these two evil-doers KO each other (saving them the trouble later)!
Bowser, King K Rool, Mario, Donkey Kong, Goomba, Koopa, and Kremlings belong to Nintendo

FanArt by me, anbumsw

What other characters would make an epic clash or showdown?

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