Ember the Fire Fury

Character, Artwork, and Story by me, anbumsw

“Prepare to Fight, This Spark of Dazzling Light! A Firework in Flight, Fire Fury Ember Ignite!”~Ember’s Cheer

Ember is a strange vigilante with a love of showing off. She refuses to hide in the shadows, opting to make herself know in a grand display of fireworks. Though she comes across as foolish in her act, she’s no helpless damsel when it comes to a fight.

Ember uses a combination of fire and hand-to-hand combat. With her custom twin lighter wands, Spark and Kindle, she’s able to unleash flaming geysers and missiles with the click of a trigger. Her combat style alternates depending how she wields her wands.

When the wands are held upright, they generate flames and fire balls for powerful range attacks. When flipped, the wands become miniature rockets. She can propel her punches with explosive force, sending her opponents flying. She can also launch herself with a burst of flames. Her favorite move is locking the trigger and letting the wands fly, slugging anyone caught in their wake.

Even without the wands, Ember is still very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She has a judo-like style that she combines with her basic fire techniques. She every hit she lands with a fiery fist, leaves behind a burning fire ball on her opponent. The fire ball with detonate when she snaps her fingers, sometimes generating an explosive force or launching off like a jet. Either way, her opponent is going to go flying off like a rocket. She calls her fighting style Furious Dancing Fireworks. Once she starts dancing, everything turns into a firework display.

Alternate Costume

Character Bio

Alias: Fire Fury Ember

Name: Kimberly Dragini

Race: Fire’Born Dregon

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Likes: fireworks, star gazing, sunsets, sunflowers, and cinnamon rolls

Dislikes: rainy days, cold days, wearing overly decorated gowns/dresses (basic dresses are fine), being cooped up


  • Can create fireworks with her hands and wands
  • Understands the basics of Hearth’Hand, a healing technique
  • Furious Dancing Fireworks fighting style
  • Acrobatic


Character, Artwork, and Story by me, anbumsw

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