Thunder Wolf Challenger: Monster Hunter Fanart

An Anthro Zinogre from MH4 

This sketch was inspired by the monster, Zinogre, from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate by Capcom.

Zinogre are large, wolf-like fanged wyvern that can harness electricity and unleash it with deadly force. They are quite fast, leaping about the field and pouncing on their targets. They always came across to me as cocky or overly confident, just from the way they walk so causally before they fight. So, I wanted to create a character to capture that personality.

This character is a hunter/warrior looking for her next challenger. She’s carrying her sword called Shocker, a lightning rod tricked out into a blade with fangs. She’s a bit of a showoff, toying with her opponents, before delivering a final strike like a bolt of lightning.


Zinogre belongs to Monster Hunter Series

FanArt by me, anbumsw

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