Arashi The Windstorm Wraith

Far east of the central volcanic vent of Dragthrn, lies a city perked within the jagged wind carved peaks. It is home to the Bladed Wind Wraiths, Wind’Born Dregons gifted with the powers of the carving windstorms. Here the city houses ancient relics and history of the Elder Dragon the Wind, guarded and preserved by the Wraiths.

It is said that among the ancient treasures is a relic of untold power of the wind. Many have tried to obtain it, but fell to the wrath of the Wraiths’ slash. The relic seemed safe until, a mysterious figure in a skull mask appeared. This figure alone was enough to bring the Wraiths to their knees, all except one, the young Storm Fledgeling, Arashi.

This Fledgeling took arms against the mysterious skull mask, clashing and meeting each other blow for blow. Arashi gave the fight his all, but in the end, his strength gave out. Barely concious, he noticed the figure approach him, and he awaited for death to take him. However, the figure leaned forward and whispered, “Death is not your reward. This failure is yours to bear, but your strife has given a glimmer of some worth. Now, harbor hatred and vengence. Prove that you are worthy of your ancestors blood.”

A few years passed, and Arashi has honed his Bladed Wind. Taking up the sword of his fallen brothers, the Wraith’s Wing, the Windstorm Wraith set out on a quest in search of the masked man, seeking to reclaim his honor.


While he’s not searching for the masked man, Arashi is somewhat stoic, fearing to let others know his true emotions. He is very serious and tends to take things too seriously. However, once he gets to know someone, he’s more open and friendly.

In battle, he’s a fierce warrior, combining martial arts with wind elements. He has two sets of wepons: curved sword (similar to a Dao; Chinese sword) called Wraith’s Wing and two winged glaives called Wraith’s Talons. His curved sword has an unique build with a launchable glaive holstered on the end of the blade. By channeling a wind current, he can kite the glaives, circling them like hawks hunting their prey. The glaives will swoop and strike in cyclones, while Arashi leaps and glides about, seeking an opportunity to strike. His strongest attack is Gust Slash, a Stormwind that cuts and slashes whatever is in its wake.


Character, Artwork, and Story by me, anbumsw

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