Old Artwork: Zik and Yukiko Mistletoe Kiss

Their First Christmas Kiss: Zik the Husky and Yukiko the Wolf

Some of my Old OCs from way back on DA: Zik the Husky and Yukiko the Wolf.

The original post for this pic is on my DeviantArt with a short story about this cute couples first kiss.


***STORY: Kiss Under the Mistletoe***

Zik had always been to shy to kiss Yukiko, but tonight he wanted to do something special. He lead her under the mistletoe, and gave her a little kiss, lighting her face up with a rosy red blush. She treasured that moment, a gift that came from the bottom of Zik’s heart.


You can checkout more old pics of Zik and Yukiko on my DA

Artwork and Characters by me, anbumsw


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