New Kitsune and Dragon Girl Glow Prints

New Glow-in-the-Dark prints are available on RealmLocke’s Etsy. These prints feature original artwork by anbumsw (aka Michael Woolsey).

Check out the photos below for a preview of the prints or head on up to the shop tab or click REALMLOCKE DESIGNS to check out these prints and more over on Etsy.

Necklace of Scales

A drawing of a Dragon Girl wearing an enchanted Necklace. For this print, I wanted a bioluminescent vibe, so only her prints, makeup, and a few other features were highlighted with the glow effect.

Check out the character’s story at this link:

Cherry Blossom Breeze at Nightfall

This drawing was originally called Cherry Blossom Breeze, and was set during the daytime. For the glow print, the setting was set to night and fireflies were added.

Check out this characters story at this link:

Artwork, Characters, and Short Stories by me, anbumsw

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