FanArt: Dust Chosen Champion of Arah

Prints are available on RealmLocke Designs Etsy

Dust: An Elysian Tail is one of my favorite games, and I thought this would be a fun tribute. The artwork for this game is what got me hooked. The hand drawn designs make everything look unique and colorful, and the characters are all fun, charming, and memorable. For this drawing, I wanted to capture that look.

Here’s my original sketch

I wanted the drawing to resemble this duo heading out on an adventure. So, in the sketch I tried drawing Dust with his cape flailing in the wind and him looking out to the horizon, as if he was looking to start his adventure.

Below are the flat colors I used in Photoshop.

Here’s the final image:

I tried using a few different techniques to create the background and wind (a lot of blurs and shading). Even added some rays of light to create a dawn like look.

I have one other version of this with a night setting.

Both versions took a total of 50+ layers in PS, most of those layers were effects like lighting and blurs.

Overall, I’m happy with the final design.

Both of these images are available as prints on my Etsy

Dust and Fidget belong to Dust an Elysian Tail

Fan Art by me, anbumsw

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