Suzuki the Brush Tail Witch: Dancing Brush Technique

“Let the caligraphy dance upon the world’s canvas, painting it with harmony and grace,” ~ Code of the Brush Tail

Brush Tail Witches have a unique way of casting some of their spells. They dip their tails in enchanted ink and dance about, flicking and sweeping their tail like a paint brush, leaving a trail of ink. This form of spell casting is called Dancing Brush. It requires the caster to focus and channel energy into the flow of the ink. Once the dance ends, the caster can either unleash the magic causing the ink to converge and form the spell, or the can capture the spell in a scroll or caster card for later use.

Brush spells work like caligraphy, requiring smooth and controlled movements. The power and effects of the spells can change depending on the performace of the dance and brush strokes, and the caster’s mindset. Making mistakes or being too chaotic can lead to spells backfiring, and using brush magic out of hatred or anger can harm both the target and the caster. Calm and precise movements create a flowing channel of magic, requiring less energy to cast and ensures the spell functions.

In the sketch above, Suzuki is practicing the art of Dancing Brush. She hasn’t quite mastered it yet, and she tends to make mistakes when an opportunity arrises to use it (good thing she’s got her guardian spirit, Alistair, around when things go south). However, no matter how many times she fails, she’s determined to follow in her family’s footsteps, and become a great Brush Tail Witch like her mother.


Artwork, Character, and Story by me, anbumsw

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