Redrawing: Huntress Krystal 2019 WIP

Huntress Krystal 2019 WIP
Huntress Krystal 2019 WIP


A remake of my 2010 drawing of Krystal from Starfox Adventures.

Here’s the original drawing…

I wanted the design to be similar to my original drawing with some new elements added in. For example, the staff is more sci fi looking to match her original staff from Dinosaur Planet. Also, I used less feathers in the costume, opting to add more jewerly like pearls, gemstones, and gold. I figured the added jewerly would look better with her huntress costume.


Overall, the remake is looking pretty good, and I had a ton of fun redesigning this drawing. It’s cool going back and looking at my old artwork, and see how much my style has changed over the years.

FanArt Sketch by me, anbumsw

You can check out this sketch with accent colors on my Instagram page.


Krystal belongs to Starfox Adventures (Nintendo)

FanArt by me, anbumsw

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