Vanderburgh Craftshow 2019

RealmLocke Designs and our arts and craft friends, SC Ventures, will be at this years Vanderburgh Arts and Craft Show in Evansville, IN.

Come check out our booth in the Commercial Building, table D-12.

We’ll have all sorts of Awesome Pop Art Prints, Stickers, Buttons, and more, created and hand drawn by me, anbumsw!

You also can check some of our handmade crafts: wreaths, candle rings, paper flowers, and all sorts of cool handmade items!

The craft show will be on Sept 28th-29th at the 4H Fair grounds in Evansville, IN.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

OR check out their main page at

Come on by and check us out!


If you’d like to know more about SC Ventures, check our Etsy Store or Facebook page for all sorts of handmade crafts!

Check out RealmLocke Designs Artwork at DeviantArt, Instagram, or Facebook!

I’ll be posting previews of our products soon, so stay tuned!!!

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