Back from Vanderburgh 4H Craftshow

The Vanderburgh 4H Craftshow in Evansville, Indiana turned out really great! It was a little hot outside, but overall we had a ton of fun. Thank you to everyone that visited my booth! Looking forward to being there again next year!

You can check out my booth over on my Facebook Page here [link]

or on instagram…

If you missed out on my artwork at the craftshow, you can check it out again next year at Raptor Con in Evansville, Indiana. I’ll have more drawings, buttons, stickers, ornaments, and more! Can’t wait to get started!


If you’re interested in some prints and other merch of mine, check out my Etsy page here…
Got some new stickers, buttons, and prints available

Or Check out SC Ventures Ebay page here
There’s some handmade printed Christmas ornaments with my latest artwork, ONLY available on SC Ventures store

Commissions are OPEN! Check out the rules here Summer Commissions Open

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