Autumn’s Bewitching Night

Autumn is another old OC I made a few years back, and one that took forever to shade and color in PS, especially the coloring the line art. She was originally posted on my DeviantArt and was a part of my DA series Mythics&Bizzare.

She was transformed into a wine loving Dragon Sorceress as a Halloween Party after taking a sip of a mysterious potion from one of the shops of Mythics&Bizzare.

Autumn’s Bewitching Night by anbumsw

Autumn was once human, until that Bizzare day at a Costume Party at WitchHill Manor. She had one too many sips of a Special Elixir called Witch’s Brew, made by a mysterious Calico girl named Mistry, one of the owners of Mythics&Bizzare (an enchanted shopping complex).

The potion causes the user to become tipsy and become the creature of the outfit they wear, and well…THIS HAPPENED.

At first, she was too tipsy to realize what had occurred, and Autumn believed she had really gotten into character. After a while, she realized her drastic change. She had long horns, scales, fangs, and a large reptilian tail. She nearly freaked out, but she had a weird sense of power with her new form.

In fact she fell in love with the idea of being a dragon. The tail was quite useful in holding her drink as she lounged. And her new body made her feel pretty powerful, too.

Twas’ a BEWITCHING Night for Autumn, indeed.


Character, Artwork, and Story created by me, anbumsw

Original Post is on Deviantart anbumsw

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