The Angel of Scars: Cyrus’ Background


In the City of Fi’Nova, a city overrun by lawless guilds of Dregons (Dragon Humans), there is a legend of a Shadow, the Angel of Scars. To the renegade guilds, he is a Demon, but to many of the city, he’s an Angel.

He is a hulk like creature in a skeleton like armor that shimmers a shadowy violet. He wears a skull like mask, cracked and worn from battle. He makes his presence known by appearing in a wave of rolling fog. He sometimes appears with a pair of giant bat like wings, that retract into his back at will. His piercing blue eyes stir fear into anyone unlucky to catch his stare. When he strikes, energy lashes out in the from of a monstrous beast, devastating anything caught in its wake. Some say the armor’s shimmer changes colors from shadowy violet to magma red to ice blue, changing the style of how he fights. Some also claim he can change his form by growing sharp spines or forming a scythe tip on his tail.

He is the face that bares the marks of injustice. He is the reaper, the Angel of Scars.

Real Name: Cyrus
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Frost Fire’Born Dregon
Home: Fi’Nova on Dregthrn Island

Powers and abilities:
*Supernatural Energy Attacks
*Mutation (Wings, Spines, Scythe Tips, etc)
*Gaze of Fear
*Rolling Fog
*Searing Claws (turns hands into literal hot irons)
*Dragon Fang (a fight style that uses claw attacks and heavy grapples to overpower opponents)
*Void Unleashed (happens when pushed too far or near death; a dark energy that lashes about him, absorbing all energy around him)

How the Armor Works
The Angel has limiters on his armor that control the flow of his energy and keeps him from falling victim to the dark void energy inside of him. Limiters 1 on the arms and legs control Energy attacks (such as the Beast energy attack). They change the shimmer on the armor. Violet is neutral for regular energy attacks. Red is Fire for burst attacks. Blue is Ice for cold attacks. Limiter 2 on his chest controls mutations. When lifted, the Angel can summon his wings or any other Dragon-like mutation.  The last limiter is on his back. It’s a fail safe if the first 2 limiters cannot revert to neutral. If all limiters are unlocked, the void energy inside him will start to take hold, and he’ll painfully turn into a fierce monster, that is a vampire for energy.


Character, Story, and Artwork by me, anbumsw

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