The Brush Tail Witch: Suzuki Background

When it comes to purifying and banishing evil from other realms,  Brush Tails knows the are there to answer the call. With some enchanted ink, they would dance gracefully, flicking their tails to create sigils to vanquish the darkenss.

“With the brush like the flow of light and ink like the well of dark, we restore the balance like an artist paints their masterpiece. ~Suzan Bristle’Tail, Suzuki’s Mother


Suzuki is a young long eared fox, who is an apprentice Charm Crafter, working at her mother’s Enchantment store.


She has a strange familiar, a rarity among the magic community. He’s a strange dragon serpent demon named Alistair, an intelligent guardian spirit that protects her. He can transform into a large beast at will or transform into armor to protect Suzuki. He even adds a buff to all her spells by contributing his spiritual energy.

What’s stranger about Alistair is he has a personality of his own. He the exact opposite of Suzuki. Where she is adventurous and daring at times, he plays strictly to the rules and is a worrywart. He’s constantly advising Suzuki to listen to her mother, and almost always has to bail her out of trouble. When the two agree, they become an unstoppable team of spell casters.


Story, Characters, and Artwork Copyright of RealmLocke Legends and RealmLocke Designs by anbumsw.

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