Thrill of the Night

A silly short about a werewolf making the best of what could have been a hairy situation.


Thrill of the Night, a short Halloween Story by anbumsw

Bailey forgot there was a full moon out, and well…POOF! Her curse kicked in. She’s now covered in wolf hair and her costume is in tatters. Could things be any worse? Actually, no…not really. Cause instead of freaking out over her sudden transformation, she decided to take advantage of it. Originally she was a pop dancer, but now she’s a pop dancing werewolf. A true Thrill of the Night! XD

Oh! And no worries about this werewolf. Bailey’s curse is a weak version. The transformation is mainly cosmetic, and she has full control of her actions…well mostly. She has been known to howl at the moon, fetch flying discs, and wag her tail uncontrollably when excited, but don’t bring that up! It embarrasses her, and you don’t wanna see her sad puppy eyes.


This was a fun little drawing for Halloween. I drew some inspiration for the character’s design from Michael Jackson’s songs Thriller and Smooth Criminal.

Character, Artwork, and Story by me, anbumsw

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