Howl-O-Ween Moonlight Merchant

This is a funny Halloween short I made a couple of years ago about a strange merchant that sells enchanted/mystical items on Halloween Night. She accepts most currency and trades her items for other trinkets, but oddly enough she won’t accept anything silver related. She claims to be highly allergic for some reason.


Howl-O-Ween Moonlight Merchant by anbumsw

Welcome to Moonlight Trinkets and Remedies! Jessica’s little shop for all your enchanted charms, potions, and other spell crafting needs.

Been down on your luck or can’t seem to find your muse? Jessica’s charms offer a wide variety of effects that bring good luck or inspiration. Need a new look? Her potions grant glamour effects (changes one’s appearance) ranging from simple changes to full body reconstruction.

Most of her charms and potions are temporary…well…except the more potent ones that only are sold full moon nights. The moon seems to change her magic’s effects, making it harder to undo any effects or transformations. But, she swears she hasn’t had any terrible outcomes from these Moonlight products…at least not that she’s aware of.

Howl-O…Halloween night is very particular for her store. It enhances magical properties of all her charms and potions (even more so if it’s a full moon night). It’s also the night she offers some psychic services (she has a real knack for Paw…err…Palm reading).

***** ,-,-, ^;..;^ ,-,-, *****
All customers must sign an agreement waver before using any of the charms or potions from the store.  All sales are final and non-refundable.  Customers may purchase a reversal remedy in the case of permanent effects of a potion (cure may take a week to go into effect).

She accepts copper, gold, and other valuables as trade, EXCEPT SILVER!!!

She’s HIGHLY allergic for some reason…ESPECIALLY on a FULL MOON NIGHT!

I made this character a couple of years ago on Deviantart, and thought it be fun to share it here. The character herself I based off some of my previous werewolf drawings, and drew some inspiration from the strange fortune teller from Courage the Cowardly Dog (you know, the green fox dog with the offset different colored eyes who always says, “he’s the stupid one.” lol)

Chracter, Story, and Artwork by me, anbumsw

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