Nova the Elder of Fire and Hearth

Left = Dragon Form and Right = Humanoid Form

Nova is the Elder of Fire and Ruler of the Heart of the Mountain, the central volcano of Dragthrn the connects all volcanoes.


Nova is regarded as the leader of the Elders. She has a strong will and a high sense of loyalty. She is the Athena of Dragons; highly intelligent and courageous. She can manipulate flames and magma with her will. She is built like a typical western dragon; reptilian/horse like head, goat like horns, large bat-like wings. However, she is slimmer, and has fire radiating from her tuff on her tail and horns. Her red scaled body and iron like claws and horns protect her from heat and fire. Her long golden mane is a symbol of her beauty.


In her humanoid form, she appears as a young woman with golden fiery hair. Her scales, tail, claws, and horns are still visible, as it is with all Dragons and Dregons of her kind. Her armor is a reflection of the hard work of the Fire’Dregons who work the forges and anvils, and her sword reflects craftsmanship.

Though her element points her out as being a typical hothead or easily angered, that’s not the case. In fact, Nova is very warm-hearted and motherly.

She treats her subjects with respect and open arms. She tends to get along with most of the Elders, mainly Mantel and Aqua.



On the other hand, her temper can be explosive. If aggravated, Nova erupts like a volcano. Sparks fly around her body like mad fireflies, and incinerate anything sorry enough to be in her wake.


Character, Artwork, and Story by me, anbumsw

Copyright of RealmLocke Legends

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