Mythics and Bizzare Halloween Remake

Finally finished with my last Halloween pic for this year! It’s a remake of a pic I made years back for my DA series Mythics&Bizzare.

LEFT= 2018 and RIGHT =2011

In the original pic, I used mainly flats with some shading. It also had the cast of Annabel (LEFT), Caroline (MIDDLE), and Angel (RIGHT).


This pic was mainly a showcase of some of the costumes available at the Mythics&Bizzare Stores. For example, Annabel is wearing an enchanted cowbell that transforms the wearer in to a Cowtaur. She mixed that item up with her Rancher costume to showoff the overall look.

In the new version, I changed up the colors and shading, as well as the cast.


We still have Annabel and Caroline, but Angel is now replaced with Evanna the Tigrent. I wanted this pic to have more well known characters of the M&B series, and Evanna has been in a previous story in the series. She was a tiger, before she used a potion that transformed her into a naga. You can read her story here.

Anyway, this new cast was better suited, since they are all characters that have been apart of the M&B series.

Characters and their Costumes:
1. in the center is Caroline showing off her favorite Costume: Masquerade Dress Combo. It simple yet classy

2. to the left is Anabel Showing off her Modern Rancher Outfit, Cowtaur Style. Great for those long days in the pasture.

3. to the right is Evanna the Tigrent in her Forest Fairy Outfit. Mystically Cute!


Overall, I like both versions, but the newer one definitely shows off my more recent art style. I might go back to a few more of my older drawing and revamp those as well.

Until then,



ALL CHARACTERS, ARTWORK, and STORIES belong to me, anbumsw

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