Thundar, the Elder of Wind and Storm

ThundarV1_comparison.jpgThundar (Thun-Dar) is the swiftest and the fastest of the Elder Dragons. His wind and storm elements allow him to easily blur in and out of existence and charge like a lightening bolt.


He is built like a cheetah, sleek and small framed, with some similarities to a giant bat. He has the head of a like a leopard, claw tipped wings, long hook-like talons that are retractable to dig into the ground, and his tail is rat-like with blade like barbs. His spiny yellow/white scales conduct electricity and act like sails that cut through wind currents. The horns on his head serve as lightening rods, conducting currents of energy. His wings can summon bursts of wind, toppling anything caught in the wake. They say you can hear him coming when you hear a sonic boom or thunder.


Thundar is highly stubborn. Most people would believe that he is carefree like the wind, but he’s the polar opposite. Thundar is the most stubborn and ill tempered of the Elders. His anger is like a rampaging typhoon. He constantly disagrees with Nova (Elder of Fire), and challenges her for leadership.

Thundar is often rash and impulsive, which leads to his downfall. It’s always charge first, questions later in his book. On the other hand, he is known for his courage. He won’t hesitate to take action regardless of whatever danger may lie ahead. Nova says that there’s no Dragon in the world she’d rather have on her side in a fight than him.

Thundar is very protective of the Elders’ youngest member, Aqua. Some might say he has a romantic crush on her. He tries to hint it, but his stubborn nature and tough attitude doesn’t seem to help. He tends to act uninterested in her interests, and acts tough.

However, the whole, “Tough Guy,” act drops if he sees her cry or she’s in danger. He’ll immediately fly to her side and confront whatever troubles her, summoning thundering clouds and gusts of winds. If anyone so much as tries to harm her, he unleashes the full fury of the storm, blasting currents of wind with the force of ten fully loaded cannons.


Character, Story, and Artwork by me, anbumsw

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