Froz’Meir, Elder of Frost and Cold

A major lone wolf of the Elder Dragons, Froz’Meir (Fros-Mear) is the ruler of the Frozen Domain, the home of the mineral mines and crystal caverns. He’s highly intelligent and a heavy thinker, spending hours reading and studying anything and everything. He is also one of the few Dragons to dabble with Arcane Magic, a taboo among his kind.
He has a similar body build like Mantle, but smaller. He has large white thick scales, some covered with fur. This allows him to maintain a constant body temperature in the sub-zero temperatures. He has the head similar to a wolf with an ice like plating to protect his eyes from the freezing winds. He has large pointy horns made out of ice, talons sharp like a hawks that can grip the ice and snow, bat-like wings, and all his claws and spines are sharpen with icy constructs. Froz’Meir can control ice and snow. His eyes are his main source of powercalled, “Cold Stare.” He can merely stare at anything and cause it tofreeze. It’s similar to Medusa’s gaze. He can breathe freezing winds or shardsof ice. He can also construct objects out of ice with his will. He canmanipulate the ice on his body to form defenses or alter his appearance formagic based rituals. He can also conjure crystal structures by combining Frostand Arcane magic. These structures are made of pure energy and are harder thansteel. He can change their properties and forms to perform various abilitiessuch as siphoning energy or instantly crystallize anything that touches them. Froz’Meir is not a major Elder like Nova, Thundar, Aqua, or Mantle. He was originally a lesser elemental, a step below Elders, but a step above lesser Dragons (Dragons without elemental abilities, or feral dragons). He played no part in the creation of the Dragon’Hearts (a relic possessing the power of Dragons).He did play a part in creating the siphon crystal that trapped the chaotic energy of the Void Reaper, Hel’Fire Drake (his former brother, Grim’Meir).
He and the other Elders are not on the best of terms. He is blamed for the creation of the Void Reaper, due to his knowledge and practice of Arcane Magic. It is believed that he gave his brother the means to summon dark, otherworldly energy to achieve the form of the Void Reaper. For this claim, Froz’Meir was banished to the far reaches of the North, to the wastelands of endless snow and ice. Froz’Meir prefers to be alone, where he can be deep in thought. Deep within the snow covered mountains, lives alone in his magically constructed manor, with an enormous library and laboratory. He loves exploring the works of science and literature. He spends his time experimenting with the Arcane Arts and alchemy. *** Artwork, Character, and Story by me, anbumsw Check out the previous Elder Dragon posts: Nova, Thundar, Aqua, and Mantle Check out my other Artwork at DeviantArt or Instagram If you’d like to commission me, head on over to my Commission Page

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