Mantle, Elder of Earth and Metal

  Mantel is oldest of the Elder Dragons, and perhaps the strongest. He is the only Dragon of the Elders to walk on his hind legs when in beast form (Thundar, Elder of Wind, does stand on two legs at times, but prowls like a cat when moving).  
  His body is bursting with cords of muscles like a bull. He has large curve bull horns, a large under-bite jaw shaped like jagged mountain tops, a full beard like a goat and hooves to match, and thick three fingered claws built like shovels. His long tail has a large hammer like tip, strong enough to crack stones and metal. He is covered in green and bronze scales that are thick as steel. His teeth can crush stones and rocks (a tasty treatfor a Earth Dragon). His hulking form makes him menacing, but he’s far from it.  
  He’s a gentle giant who loves festivities and strong drinks. Aged wines, stouts, ale, mead are among his favorites. Mantel is very down to earth, and enjoys the beauty of nature. He loves to call the Elders by nicknames he gave them based off of earth elements. He treats Aqua like his little sister, caller her little Pearl. Nova is Ruby, red as fire and twice as beautiful. Thundar is Sulfur, explosive and useful. Thundar hates his nickname, so he mocks him by calling him, Brass-Head, tough and thick skulled. Mantel is very powerful. When angered, the earth around him trembles. He attract minerals from the ground and turn them into constructs that can crush and smash his opponents. He can even coat his body in the toughest minerals, practically making him invincible. He’s rather slow moving due to his immense weight and size, but makes up for speed with brutish force. To keep his enemies from charging or flanking, he generates heavy tremors by simply stomping, tripping up his attackers. As for attacks from above, Mantle will jump and slug anything in the air with a flipping hammer strike with his tail, or hurl rocks in the air. ***** Artwork, Character, and Story by me, anbumsw Check out the other Elders Here: Nova Elder of Fire, Thundar Elder of Wind, and Aqua Elder of Water Check out my other artwork at DeviantArt or Instagram If you’d like to commission me, head on over to my Commissions Page =D  

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